Steffen Schraegle Portrait

After 20 years, I still love being a photographer! I was born and raised in the Black Forest of Germany, but it was the landscape of Ireland that first inspired my career choice. I specialize in automotive/CGI, architectural, landscape and lifestyle/sports photography.  I currently live in both Spain and Germany with my American partner and our trilingual dog.

In 2009 I founded Third Floor Company – a 3D/CGI production company – based in Germany. After many years of location shootings and studio productions as a photographer, I am able to bring a realistic feeling into the 3D virtual world. Additionally, having a thorough understanding of the CGI process influences and enhances my photography work.

I enjoy the diversity of my work – the challenges and rewards of a career that is constantly evolving. Photography (and my bicycle) takes me to many parts of the world; and I am always learning from and humbled by this experience. As I continue seeking new opportunities to collaborate with people of different cultures and backgrounds, one thing remains constant:
I stay curious.


Clients include:

Audi / Fed Ex / GQ Magazine / The Economist / Homag / Hyundai / Mitsubishi / Nissan / Porsche / Renault / Schmelzle & Partner Architects / Seat / Singletrack Magazine /
Solid Bikes / Stihl / Subaru / Toyota / VW Magazine / w : architekten